A Little Extra Care

David Miliband MP

My knowledge of politics is best described as limited. No fear – I swotted up on the business aspects of the beautiful game and immersed myself in the writings of his fellow guest – journalist Doug Weatherall. Doug unfortunately had to pull out on the day of the event leaving me on stage, one on one with a man nicknamed “Brains”. I was then told that the audience would have a healthy representation of very discerning members of Sunderland Labour Party. Fortunately our chat went well although Miliband kindly suggested my style was akin to that of Paxman – I took that as a compliment!


Martin O’Neill

A very clever, witty and engaging football man. My questions had to be of the highest order and well researched for this sponsors evening at The Stadium of Light. “Kenny Burns came in at half time with a bloodied leg. We didn’t know whose it was…”


Steve Bruce

This evening for the North East Chamber of Commerce came right in the middle of a poor run of results with Bruce feeling a little “delicate”. Some sensitive questioning was called for – the guests wanted answers and Bruce was candid and unerring in his responses to my questioning.