Some Recollections
from the front line…

Most Rewarding Guest – Jack Charlton OBE

A sell out evening for Whitburn Cricket Club in November 2012.

Jack rarely does events of this sort and this was billed as his last. Around 100 guests were looked in what can best be described as an intimate and touching reminisce.

It became even more of a close encounter when Jack demonstrated how he approached goalkeepers at corners when playing for Leeds United. A swift elbow to my stomach bent me double much to the amusement of the watching audience.


Most Tricky Assignment – Thomas Hauser

It’s never easy interviewing someone with a relatively short and perhaps uneventful career. Although the “German Sub” spoke excellent English, his Mackem was a little rusty! Thanks to Marco Gabbiadini we got through an interesting evening for Seventy3 Fanzine.


That’s Me Told – Peter Reid

When Peter Reid made his entrance to generous applause at The Stadium of Light he had a little trouble finding his seat and so went on a bit of a wander. As any good commentator would, I explained to the audience what was happening. “Peter Reid is still looking for Maradonna….” As you might imagine, his response was straight from Premier Passions!